Zahid Group of Companies

Zahid Group of Companies
In Pursuit of Excellence

The Zahid family has been connected to commerce for over a century, playing a pivotal role in the development of the Kingdom’s infrastructure. Today, through partnerships, joint ventures, wholly and partially owned subsidiaries, Zahid Group represents a diverse range of companies, offering comprehensive, customer-centric solutions in a number of thriving industries.

Some of those include construction; mining; oil & gas; agriculture; power, electricity & water generation; material handling; building materials; transportation & logistics; real estate development; travel & tourism; and hospitality.

At the heart of Zahid Group is our long-standing relationship with Saudi Arabia and our shared values of integrity, professionalism, competence, respect & tolerance, pride, and commitment to excellence.  We are a professional and innovative company that cares about its people and the environment.

We strive to empower our customers to meet their challenging tasks successfully by providing them with reliable, robust and durable products coupled with a friendly and dedicated service.

Zahid Group consistently pursues excellence and prides itself in attracting a pool of exceptionally talented Saudis of both genders and those with special needs, as well as committed professionals from across the globe.  We take pride in ensuring a safe, enjoyable workplace while supplying the necessary tools for personal and professional development.

With our cadre of skilled workforce combined with our portfolio of globally recognized brands, we aim to exceed customer expectations by providing premium products and services through our network of strategically located branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.