AJIL Financial Services Company

AJIL Financial Services Company AJIL Financial Services Company AJIL Financial Services Company
AJIL Financial Services Company
Pioneering Financing Solutions

AJIL Financial Services Company is Saudi Arabia’s leading leasing and asset management provider, offering customized financial solutions to its clients in the construction, transportation, services, trading and manufacturing sectors.

AJIL started as the financing arm of the Zahid Group, but has since formed partnerships with Riyadh Bank, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co. AJIL operates as a full-fledged independent leasing corporation.

Its financing solutions for capital purchases ease the burden of major cash outlays. The financing of capital expenditures includes mobile and immobile assets such as construction machinery and equipment, electric power generation, material handling, industrial, agricultural and engineering equipment - as well as transportation requirements such as trucks, buses and other vehicles. It also provides for the financing of real estate development, facilitating the purchase of land for residential, commercial and industrial construction purposes.

AJIL has an experienced team of finance managers who work closely with customers in order to fully understand their business operations, providing only the most appropriate financing solutions.

AJIL services include financing solutions, leasing advantage, finance lease and customized finance.

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