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Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Altaaqa Alternative Solutions
Altaaqa Alternative Solutions
Reliable & Friendly Power

Established in 2004, Altaaqa Alternative Solutions is an environmentally responsible utility provider of electrical power, water and cooling solutions serving exclusively the dynamic Saudi Arabian market. Exceeding 1 GW, Altaaqa is the largest local supplier of rental generators and is the largest single owner of Caterpillar rental generators in the world. With the goal of powering each customer to success, the company provides fully customizable offerings through seven branches Kingdom-wide, ensuring efficient and comprehensive service no matter the location. 

Altaaqa differentiates itself by a highly motivated and passionate workforce, combined with strong partnerships with leading quality suppliers from all over the world, enabling the company to continuously exceed customer expectations. The core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Competence, Respect and Tolerance, Pride and Commitment to Excellence are the pillars behind Altaaqa’s outstanding delivery and dedicated customer service.

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