Enabling Companies to Create Progress

Since being founded in 1991, TAMGO has been supporting Saudi Arabia’s ongoing infrastructural development by providing its customers with a select range of the world’s finest equipment, backed by outstanding product support, services and solutions that create a positive impact in the business world, with customers counting on the reliability of its family of industrial and commercial brands.

The company’s FG Wilson diesel and gas generator has been a major player and national leader in the provision of reliable power provided whenever and wherever it is needed. From 10 to 2200 kVA, TAMGO’s diesel and gas product range spans an array of applications from domestic use to power. A team of specialist engineers provides tailored products to even the most challenging and complex power requirements.

TAMGO and Shandong Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd. (SEM) have joined forces in the Kingdom to offer a new breed of product range. SEM, a Caterpillar company, is located in Qingzhou City and is a leading provider of quality machines and components. SEM has sold products to more than 80 countries and is capable of annually producing more than 15,000 wheel loaders. In an effort to provide customers zero-delay service and parts support, SEM plans to continue expansion of its global service network in the next three years.

The lightweight, high-welding output and unsurpassed reliability of Mosa welders have made them a favorite among specialists who need a generator welder that works - and works hard.

Other famous brands include Mustang skid steer loader; Sweepster sweepers and brooms: Indeco demolition attachments and breakers.

The Company operates in the major cities and small towns of the Kingdom, which are equipped with spare parts warehouses and high-end service and maintenance workshops supported by professional, dedicated and well-trained specialists.


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