Zahid Group Holding LLC

Zahid Group Holding LLC Zahid Group Holding LLC
Zahid Group Holding LLC
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Zahid Group Holding was established in the mid-70s to consolidate a broad spectrum of wholly and partially held investments. Since then, ZGH has evolved as a dynamic engine for growth in diverse, yet fully integrated industry segments. The Company is an ecologically aware company with particular interests in conservational and recyclable projects as well as alternative and green energy.

Established activities include car rental, real estate, power generation, lubricant oils, water desalination, finance, building materials and direct interest in insurance, education, infrastructure development and logistics.

Benefiting from strong and solid relations with numerous financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council and overseas, Zahid Group Holding has been able to create a wide network of associates and co-investors for potential partnerships and joint ventures, whether a large-scale merger and acquisition or a start-up activity.

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