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Building to Individual Needs

Zahid Industries is an innovative and progressive company based in the industrial city of Yanbu. Since its inception, the Company has focused on developing a capable workforce composed largely from the indigenous population. All Saudi and foreign employees receive intensive training from Zahid Learning Center, honing their technical, administrative and managerial skills. This training is done in full cooperation with the General Organization of Technical Education and Vocational Training (GOTEVOT) and in partnership with the Industrial College of Yanbu and other technical institutes in the Kingdom and abroad.

This highly-skilled workforce engineers and manufactures container sound attenuators to house power generators, thereby reducing sound emissions to a barely audible level. Indispensable in residential and work areas, these containers are often required in remote locations to protect generators from the elements. Every enclosure is built to a customer’s specific requirement, using local materials and ensuring high quality, cost effective solutions.

Manufacturing also includes associated components such as steel support bases, fuel tanks, mufflers and fittings. The Company follows a rigorous policy towards health, safety and environmental protection.

The facility implements global manufacturing processes and safety standards that led to ISO 9000 certification in 1995 and re-certification to ISO 9001:2008.

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