SOS laboratory in Dammam

sos lab

Zahid Tractor has invested SR2.5 million in an SOS laboratory in Dammam for testing all types of fluids used in construction machinery and vehicles.

This is part of a strategic move to better support its customers in the Eastern Province and Riyadh and also help the environment by increasing the life cycle of machine oils. “Regular oil sampling identifies abnormal wear in specific compartments by determining the amount of abrasive particles in the oil from that compartment,” explained Amr Khashoggi, VP, corporate affairs, Zahid Group. “There are several economic benefits of regular testing including a longer life cycle for machine oils and significantly less downtime for machinery out of use for servicing or costly repairs, in addition to a considerable reduction of environmental pollution.”

Khashoggi added: “Since 1997, Zahid Tractor has been providing this service through its SOS Lab in Jeddah and the opening of our new lab in Dammam will enable us to offer enhanced local support for our customers in the Eastern Province and Riyadh in order to keep their equipment operating as efficiently and productively as possible.”