Winning A Major Service Agreement with Arabian Drilling Company (ADC)

Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) is one of the top-end VIP Oil & Gas clients for Zahid Tractor in the Eastern Region, with a massive fleet of rigs, all equipped with high-performance Caterpillar engines.

Many meetings were held with ADC’s higher management starting in Q4 2021 and through 2022. Completing a successful negotiation after tough discussions regarding the pricing and parts availability. A fixed-price parts agreement was signed meeting ADC expectations, with a promise to maintain high availability levels for all the major parts used by their fleet, and in return, ADC committed to stop using KMP parts immediately.

In addition, have successfully managed to secure approval for 12 X offshore jobs to be performed by CMD field service engineers for the first time, and working on a new service agreement that covers more jobs to be done in CMD’s CRC.