Zahid Tractor Sells BAUER Drilling Rigs for Madinah Holy Mosque Expansion


Zahid Tractor’s Rental Division has partnered with HUTA Foundation Works Co. to support the Madinah Holy Mosque expansion project by supplying the company with best-in-class BAUER drilling rigs, including the BG28, BG36, BG39 and BG40 models. With a highly trained service team onsite, Zahid Tractor will provide continuous support and the necessary tools to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted operation.

The Madinah Holy Mosque is currently undergoing the largest expansion in its history to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims visiting each year. Upon completion, the Mosque is expected to have a total area of 1.1 million square meters with a capacity to accommodate more than 1.6 million visitors.

In 2010, Zahid Tractor became a dealer for BAUER drilling rigs, tools and accessories in Saudi Arabia and since then, the Rental Division has worked to provide complete solutions and services to its customers.


Established in 1982, Zahid Tractor’s Rental Division began with a mission to provide customers with short and medium term rental solutions, pioneering the concept of renting equipment in Saudi Arabia.  Today the Rental Division is at the forefront of this sector, offering equipment, engines and generators for construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and special event organization applications.