Zahid Tractor: Supporting Sary’s Growth

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: As part of its long-term commitment to supporting the pioneering spirit of Saudi Arabian startups, Zahid Tractor (a fully owned Zahid Group company) today announced its new and exciting strategic alliance with SARY.

SARY is a business-to-business digital marketplace (Super APP) that connects small businesses with wholesalers and brands, simplifying the procurement and supply chain process. It is a one-stop-shop that allows small businesses to access over 30,000 SKUs from top brands and wholesalers; always offering the best possible prices and real-time promotions. Via SARY small businesses can replenish their stocks in less than 24 hours and minimize their investment in onsite warehousing and storage spaces.

Zahid Tractor is a catalyst in the growth of local businesses. The strategic alliance with SARY represents Zahid Tractor’s commitment to supporting startup businesses and empowering Saudi Arabian talent. Commenting on the new strategic alliance, Mr. Barig Siraj, Vice President of Group Affairs at Zahid Group, stated, “SARY is the perfect example of the motivation, creativity and talent of Saudi Arabian nationals. Zahid Tractor’s recent contribution of an electric Caterpillar Forklift to SARY is an endorsement of SARY’s efforts while also being aligned with Zahid Group’s sustainability vision.” Mr. Siraj added, “The SARY model is incredibly unique and helps Saudi Arabian small businesses manage their costs and inventory, streamline their supply chains and focus on growing their respective businesses.”

The strategic alliance between Zahid Tractor and SARY will allow SARY to benefit from Zahid Tractor’s seven decades of experience; always starting with integrity and ending with excellence.