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Global Gypsum Company Ltd. (3G)


Global Gypsum Company Ltd. (3G) was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between Lafarge Gypsum International, the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials, and a group of prominent Saudi investors: Zahid Group Holding, Amkest Group, El-Maimani Group, Juffali Group and Rolaco.

3G specializes in producing quality plasters, with an annual capacity to manufacture 300,000 tons for the construction and industrial sectors. As a result, the company continuously meets the demands of the vibrant and growing construction market in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.

With strong safety standards and a proactive policy towards protecting the environment, the Royal Commission in Yanbu considers 3G a model company in caring for the community. The company has even conducted seminars, assisted by experts from Lafarge, in Safety and Health programs.

At Lafarge facilities around the world, there is a stringent training program in place, one that has been adopted by 3G. Employees, distribution partners and end users are invited to take advantage of the plant’s training center in Yanbu Industry Park. Although courses focus mainly on applications of gypsum, the training center and laboratory are heavily involved in research and development in the plastering field, leading the market with innovative products.

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