Altaaqa: International Power Rental Dealer of the Year (2022)

Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Company, a Zahid Group company, was recently recognized by Caterpillar as the “2022 International Power Rental Dealer of the Year.” The recognition came during Caterpillar’s 2023 Rental Power Meeting ‘Leading the Charge,’ that was held in Orlando, Florida, United States of America.

Power Rental Dealers, from across the globe, were considered for the award based on the following criteria: Revenue Growth, Percentage of Rental Revenue Opportunity, Fleet Growth, Engagement in the Caterpillar Renewed Strategy and Generator Fleet Purchases. Given Altaaqa’s achievements across all criteria; Altaaqa was selected as the recipient of the ‘2022 International Power Rental Dealer of the Year.”

Representing Altaaqa at the annual rental power meeting was Mr. Sherif Eldaly, General Manager of Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Company. Upon receiving the award, Mr. Eldaly commented, “The entire team and I are delighted to have had our efforts recognized by our partners at Caterpillar. This award comes as a testament to the strength of the long-term partnership between Altaaqa and Caterpillar.” Mr. Eldaly added, “At Altaaqa, we deliver reliable, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective alternative energy and utility solutions across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to the Kingdom’s vision for the future, our team’s passion and capabilities, and our partnerships with the world’s leading power solutions brands allow us to pioneer in the development and execution of turnkey total utility solutions.”

Altaaqa’s commitment to Caterpillar and to professionally representing the brand in Saudi Arabia additionally led to Altaaqa being certified as a ‘Five Star’ Operation during Caterpillar’s thorough inspection of Altaaqa’s facilities and performance in December 2022.