Corporate Travel Made Easy

Zahid Travel, one of the Kingdom’s oldest and most recognized travel management companies today announced the launch of ZTGEAR; a state-of-the-art total travel management solution created to further empower and support the travel aspirations of corporate clients.

ZTGEAR is a custom-built software that will be used by corporate clients in search of security, accessibility, superior quality of service, control, price and compliance and reporting.  This unique travel management tool is customized to meet the reporting and booking needs of each client.  It allows users to book, manage, approve, oversee and analyze every aspect of their past, present and future business travel.

Mr. Daniel Ponzo, General Manager of Zahid Travel, commented, “We are delighted to be one of the first companies in Saudi Arabia to roll-out such a powerful tool.  ZTGEAR is easy to use, flexible and customized to meet the needs of each specific client.” Mr. Ponzo added, “Over the coming weeks we will be introducing all our corporate clients to ZTGEAR and are confident that they too will feel the true benefits of this user-friendly travel management tool.”

With companies across the Kingdom trying to find ways to minimize their operating costs, ZTGEAR will help reduce travel costs and enhance travel planning efficiencies.  The ability to create and customize reports allows for on the spot analysis that will allow businesses to plan better and therewith reduce travel costs.

Corporate clients interested in booking a live ZTGEAR demonstration at their offices are invited to contact Zahid Travel at 920033048.

NOTE: Zahid Travel Group (Zahid Travel) is a fully owned subsidiary of Zahid Group.  Zahid Travel is one of the Kingdom’s oldest and most experienced travel company ; with over 60  years experience, offices across the Kingdom and corporate, leisure and premium travel solutions that are built from an in-depth understanding of preferred travel habits. Zahid Travel is the exclusive partner of Reed & Mackay in Saudi Arabia.