Saudi Modern Exhibition

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA, November 14, 2021 – From its humble beginnings as one of Jeddah’s local traders in the early 1900’s, Zahid Group has been a firsthand witness of the city’s development over the last one hundred years and takes great pride in being woven in the fabric of Jeddah’s history and future.

The facades and architecture found in Jeddah are physical evidence of the transformation the city has undergone since its commercial foundations were set in 646 AD. The architectural journey continues to demonstrate touches of many influences and arrives at a modern city that proudly projects its history. Zahid Group and BRICKLAB celebrated this modern architectural revolution with the curated exhibition, Saudi Modern: Jeddah 1938 – 1963.

The exhibition in Jeddah opened its doors on November 16 by proudly displaying installations from eight local contemporary artists; all of whom showcased their work through their own different forms of expression about this period. Zahid Group is proud to have been witness to these architectural periods and the history of the city through supporting the Saudi Modern Book.

Mr. Zayd M. Zahid, Zahid Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “With its longstanding presence and roots in cities, towns, and villages across the Kingdom, the Zahid Group ensures it remains close to its stakeholders. In each location the Group embraces the unique attributes embodied by that community, which collectively tell the captivating story of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Jeddah’s case, the diversity of its people, culture, landscape, and bustling creative scene – energized by incredibly talented individuals that have characterized the city’s history, as well as its modern persona – make Jeddah a very special jewel in the tapestry of Saudi Arabia… A city that we are proud to call home.”

“The exhibition was born out of a desire to better understand Jeddah’s urban history as it transitioned from a modest walled town to a sprawling metropolis,” explains Abdulrahman Gazzaz, who co-founded Bricklab with his brother Turki. “It reveals early attitudes towards modernization, cultural identity, and the local vernacular”

Zahid Group’s participation in the Saudi Modern project is driven by our commitment to the city that birthed our Group and to our beloved Kingdom that nurtured our growth. This detailed description of the process of modernization from the discovery of oil in 1938 to the conclusion of the city’s first urban plan in 1963 helps tell the story of the city we proudly call home.

About Zahid Group

Zahid Group is a privately held organization headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It employs more than 5,000 people and is a leading player in multiple industries that include, energy & utilities, heavy machinery, financial services, industrial manufacturing, transport, and hospitality. The Zahid Group partners with leading global brands including Caterpillar, Volvo and Renault trucks, and Total.

About Bricklab

Founded in Jeddah in 2015, BRICKLAB remains at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s cultural development by helping tie the country’s past to the present with an eye on its future role on the global stage. The firm’s 2018 exhibition Spaces in Between, curated by brothers Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz for the National Saudi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, helped usher Saudi Arabia into international art dialogue, which continues to impact present-day Jeddah as it transitions fully into the technological age.