Introducing GOZAHID

GO is a call for action, an invitation, a sense of excitement and a bold promise to each customer.  Focused on personalization while also offering year-round packages for travelers of all budgets. GOZAHID Travel Experience Consultants are on hand to help you create memorable travel experiences that are packed with added value and illustrate a clear understanding of each specific customer’s travel habits and preferences.

GOZAHID is the new leisure travel arm of Zahid Travel Group and is guided by a dedicated team with extensive experience in the industry.  With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to always include as much value as possible, we take this opportunity to invite you to regularly visit where new tailor-made content and offerings will be added on a regular basis.

NOTE: Zahid Travel Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Zahid Group and is one of the Kingdom’s oldest and most experienced travel companies. Zahid Travel Group has over 60  years experience and offices across the Kingdom that provide corporate, leisure and premium travel solutions that are built from an in-depth understanding of preferred travel habits. Zahid Travel Group is the exclusive partner of Reed & Mackay in Saudi Arabia.