Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Supplies Al-Kharj with 95 MW Temporary Power Station


Altaaqa Alternative Solutions has successfully mobilized, installed and commissioned a 95 MW temporary power station in the city of Al-Kharj. Taking only 22 days to complete, it is Saudi Arabia’s biggest IPP project in a single site to date.

Located near Riyadh with a population of 280,000, Al-Kharj is a rapidly growing city with an increasing demand for power. Altaaqa Alternative Solutions provided generators, each with an output of 1500 kWs, which have been fully supplying the city for the past few months.


“Our turnkey power solutions and experienced staff enable us to be involved in all phases of any project, of any scale,” commented Mr. Emad Mukhalalaty, Managing Director of Altaaqa Alternative Solutions. “This recent achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and outstanding efforts of our Power Projects team, who ensured we finished a project of such magnitude in the shortest time possible.”

Recognizing the importance of electricity in our daily lives, Mr. Emad continued, “For the residential segment, electricity keeps our water running, air conditioners cooling, and other household appliances functioning. At large, it energizes infrastructures, businesses, and computers that track activities, bank deposits and medical records. Our livelihood depends on it. If, for some reason, there was no electricity in a bank, a mall or a hospital, disorder would prevail.”

Differentiated by strong technical and commercial capabilities, Altaaqa has been commended by Saudi Electric Company for its ability to mobilize, install, test and commission power plant capacities of 20-30 MWs within days, and received recognition with direct project awards. In 2007, Altaaqa was granted its energy sales license from the Regulatory Authority and continues to seek strategic partnerships in IWPP, renewable and cogeneration technologies.  The company’s engineered solutions, utility grade protection system, and competent installation and operating staff contributes to its success in grid enforcement power generation capacity during periods of high demand, temporary power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages, and peak shaving during high tariff hours to meet production needs.

Established in 2004, Altaaqa Alternative Solutions is an environmentally responsible provider of electrical power, water and temperature control solutions serving exclusively the dynamic Saudi Arabian market. Exceeding 1GW, the company is the largest local supplier of rental generators and is the largest single owner of Caterpillar rental generators in the world.

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