Built to be Rebuilt!

zahid tractor

The durability built into Cat machines gives users the option to transform a well-used high hour machine to its former glory. Zahid Tractor’s ‘Second Life’ and Caterpillar’s Certified Rebuild Program (CCR) can restore a machine to its original specifications and performance at significant savings.

Abdullah Ahmad Dossary Co., a professionally managed and leading Saudi civil engineering contractor, recently opted for the CCR program to restore one of it’s aging Caterpillar D10R bulldozers. This giant 65 tonne machine powered by a 27 litre 570 horsepower diesel engine was in need of a major refit after many years of reliable service in the most arduous of working conditions. Zahid Tractor, the KSA Caterpillar dealer, has the technical competence to offer the CCR program for many CAT machines, including the D10R dozer. The cost of a CCR varies depending on the “prior to rebuild condition” of the machine to be rebuilt. In the case of this machine, the CCR provided the owner with a high quality, cost-effective restoration providing a full ‘second life’.

Executing the CCR programme was made easier by the fact that A A Dossary Co have in place an excellent machine maintenance program with corresponding good maintenance records. Because the programme involves the rebuilding of an entire machine from the bare chassis upwards and incorporates the very latest Caterpillar technology via critical engineering updates, A A Dossary Co. decided that a CCR was the best way to proceed, with what would turn out to be the first CCR in the Middle East

The Caterpillar Certified Rebuild (CCR) process involves inspection/evaluation, disassembly, reconditioning, engineering updates, power train tests, reassembly, performance testing , repainting, and customer evaluation. During these processes, more than 350 inspections and tests are carried out, followed by the replacement of over 7,000 parts. As a result, the machine will now return to work with a “same-as-new factory warranty”.

The idea of a CCR project is best summarized by a knowledgeable comment by Sh Abdullah Ahmad Dossary. Having been in the equipment contracting business for more than 40 years he knows a quality job when he sees one. Quote “Having witnessed the transformation of this machine first hand, the high quality of work put into it was evident from start to finish – I would describe it as a real labour of love”

As a testament to A A Dossary Co’s delight with the first rebuild, they have decided to proceed with a second D10R CCR  immediately.