Caterpillar’s Contamination Control Award

Since its inception several decades ago, Zahid Tractor and Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd has been constantly committed to applying international standards and rules in all its activities and operations … from costumer servicing to imported and locally made products as well as after sales service.

As a result of its policy based on the strict application of the highest quality standards in work and production, Zahid Tractor has won many local and international awards, the latest and most prominent one being the Contamination Control for Maintenance Procedures Award – with Excellent Rating – offered by Caterpillar International Group in recognition of Zahid Group’s observance and application of the Contamination Control Program set up by Caterpillar Group.

It is worth mentioning here that contamination control requires a deep cultural change in the way Caterpillar products are disassembled, maintained, serviced and reassembled. The change should also be visible in the work environment, something Zahid Tractor has successfully achieved in a way that exceeded Caterpillar’s expectations. Obviously, Zahid Tractor worked hard to incorporate a new work culture in all its plants and sections based on a set of measures like assigning a contamination control administrator, developing and implementing contamination control procedures inside its plants, developing and implementing an ongoing employee training program on contamination issues, acquiring contamination control tooling and systems, and delivering customer education programs on the causes and consequences of contamination. Consequently, all these measures reflected positively on Zahid Tractor’s performance and out-turn.