Driver Challenge 2019

Zahid Tractor, in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, organized the Volvo Truck Driver Challenge 2019 at King Abdullah Economic City in the Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Industry co. ltd for two consecutive days in 2-3 October 2019. It brought together the different challenges that truckers face every day on the road.

The competition took place for the second time in Saudi Arabia and, focused on three points such as fuel efficiency, productivity and safety. Which driver skills are often the crucial factor in productivity and profitability. Drivers also contribute significantly in road safety to reduce accidents. The attendees also said that the competition provided the opportunity to see incredibly skilled drivers doing a great job in handling their trucks.

Drivers competing for the title made an excellent performance in each field. They have shown that they can have high fuel consumption efficiency driving style and also follow road safety rules.

The aim of the Volvo Truck Driver Challenge is to draw attention to the great work done by truckers. It is also a way to attract young people to the job, which offers good career opportunities. The transport and logistics services industry is constantly growing as there is a shortage of trained drivers in this field. To help our clients to recruit and retain skilled drivers, we have been focusing for many years on designing the driver environment and drivability of our trucks and driver support systems, which make it easier for drivers to maneuver trucks safely. Training that covers everything from truck handling to fuel-saving driving style is another example of how to help drivers perform a first-class job, grow and develop.

This year, 14 drivers participated and representing their Company who are always seeking excellence and keen to choose the best Drivers they have such as Abed Abdulrahman Alsubhi & sons, Abdurrahman Aabdulaziz Alsudais trading, National food industries, Naqleen co ltd. AM Steel company, in addition to the young Saudis who have public and private transport who were distinguished by their adherence to the regulations, instructions and strong competition and that the winner was for the champion Hadi Al-Qahtani and this is a great achievement for him! The champion Hadi said that the competition is really difficult and enjoyable and he faced many experienced drivers and exalted the admiration for his experience of the new truck that contains modern safety and security systems in Volvo trucks and also thanked Zahid Tractor for organizing this special event that attracts a lot of drivers.