Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2018

April 25, 2018: Zahid Tractor organized the 2018 Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge at the Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Company (AVI) facilities in the King Abdullah Economic City. Twenty trained drivers participated in this year’s challenge; showcasing their driving talents which come as a result of their expertise in the handling of trucks in accordance to the principles of traffic safety and security.
As part of this year’s Challenge drivers had to cross a distance of 13 kilometers across the industrial valley, in trucks that were carrying 30 ton loads of solids and liquids, within a specific timeframe.
Mr. Abdullah Ossabi, Zahid Tractor – Transport Division’s Marketing Manager commented, “This Challenge is a global competition that takes place every year between Volvo Truck drivers. The objective of the Challenge is to demonstrate driver’s role in safety, fuel efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the Challenge allows drivers to demonstrate their ability in preventing accidents while minimizing the truck’s environmental footprint.”
All the participants in this year’s Challenge were recognized for their efforts by the Group President – Transport, Mr. Nasser Bayram and the Vice President Middle East, East and North West Africa, Hub MEENA presso Volvo Trucks, Mr. Giovanni Bruno. After reviewing the results of each driver, the panel of qualified judges announced that the driver Mr. Salameh Al Johani was this year’s winner and Mr. Ali Al Sehliy was this year’s runner up. Mr. Salameh Al Johani will represent our beloved Saudi Arabia in the Global Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2018 Finals that will take place at the company’s global headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.