Zahid Tractor Starts Utilizing New Engine Rebuild Center

Zahid Tractor has started full utilization of its new Engine Rebuild Center (ERC), a 2,300 square meter, state-of-the-art facility fully dedicated to rebuilding all types of Caterpillar diesel engines. Located at the company’s main Kilo 5 workshop in Jeddah, the ERC is equipped with 2 X 10 ton overhead cranes, 17 X jib cranes, and enough space for 17 X assembly bays, each which can accommodate two engines simultaneously. Additionally, the ERC has a fuel injection pump repair and test room and a 3,500hp engine dynamometer test bench.

This new rebuild center strengthens Zahid Tractor’s commitment to providing its customers with exceptional support and services on their Caterpillar equipment through continued heavy investment in service capacities and capabilities.