Altaaqa Surpasses 1 Gigawatt Milestone of Power Capacity


Altaaqa, the industry leader in rental power, cooling and water, is now the largest and only rental equipment provider that can serve in all corners of Saudi Arabia. 

Altaaqa Alternative Solutions, the leader in temporary power, rental cooling and mobile water in Saudi Arabia, has recently surpassed the 1 gigawatt (1000 MW) milestone of power capacity, making them the largest single owner of Caterpillar rental generators in the world.

The increasing economy has resulted in the growth of the construction, oil & gas, petrochemicals, real estate, hospitality and infrastructure sectors, which require a large amount of rental power across the Kingdom.

The company offers the latest range of Caterpillar generator units from 62 kVA to 2000 MW, coupled with the necessary ancillaries and power accessories. The energy rental equipment can be offered as a single generator unit for small events or it can be offered to the most complicated turnkey rental power plant for mining or oil & gas operations.

Altaaqa is currently serving multiple power projects across the Kingdom, including oil & gas installations, remote mining areas, all major cities and even in hard to reach places. With its 6 depots and leveraging the 17 Zahid Tractor branches, Altaaqa can deploy its power rental solutions anywhere, anytime, at any given condition, on a moment’s notice.

From a single customer that requires power for a short period of time, to temporary cooling for an event, to a mobile desalination water plant for oil & gas operations, to a large-scale interim power plant, Altaaqa can serve any individual, utility company, government authority, consultant and engineering company that requires power.

Altaaqa can provide power solutions to its customers within minutes due to its extensive geographical reach, wide range of Caterpillar generators and highly trained professional Cat engineers. Whether it is a critical mission or a planned shutdown, Altaaqa can respond rapidly. With their geographical reach, wide product fleet, and customer service support, Altaaqa is the most reliable energy rental company in Saudi Arabia.