TVTC Senior Instructors Cooperative Training at ZLI

Zahid Learning Institute, Zahid Group’s training arm, hosted the Foundational Diesel Engine Training Program for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation’s (TVTC) senior trainers.
The final graduation party of the TVTC senior trainers was held at Zahid Learning Institute premises in Jeddah on February 3rd, 2022. The celebration was attended by Mr. Jameel Asali, Dean of Jeddah Technical College, and Mr. Mohamed Thabet Al Shehri, President of Vehicle Department at Jeddah Technical College.
Mr. Mohamed Barig Siraj, Vice President of Group Affairs, and Mr. Amr Zawawi, Human Resources Department Manager attended as representatives of Zahid Group.
The TVTC representatives praised Zahid Group in general and Zahid Learning Institute regarding their ongoing support in the learning and development arena. Additionally, they stressed that this program is the first of many future collaborations between TVTC and Zahid Learning Institute.
Mr. Barig highlighted the crucial role of learning and development in ensuring a growing set of competencies on route to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. He additionally highlighted the Group’s efforts as a pioneer in cultivating national potential strengths.