Zahid Group Is Committed to Stop the Use of Single-Use Plastics by the End of 2022

Zahid Group is proud to announce the launch of its ‘NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC’ initiative, a commitment to eliminating the use of single-use plastic across Group companies in and out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the end of 2022. As a leading organization, Zahid Group recognizes the importance of setting the standard and doing its utmost to protect the communities it impacts and the planet.

In line with the Group’s ongoing enhancement of sustainable practices; single-use plastics have been identified as an area where significant results can be achieved. The elimination of single-use plastics from all facets of all Group companies and their replacement with environmentally friendly solutions will help protect our seas, oceans, and land.

Mr. Zayd M. Zahid, Zahid Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “We all see the harm single-use plastics have on our environment and we can no longer afford to not be part of the solution. The effects of single-use plastics are far reaching; damaging our environment, adding to the climate change problems, destroying marine life, damaging landscapes and coastlines and ultimately harming each of us and our loved ones. Left unchecked, the harmful impact we are witnessing today, will have devastating effects on our planet and future generations. In achieving our stated goal of removing single-use plastics from all our operations, we will have a significant, positive impact on our families, communities, and planet.”

The goal is clear, the commitment is second-to-none and the work has already started. Every Zahid Group employee, and their families are part of the solution, their efforts
will have a direct impact in reducing the pollution to the planet and protecting the environment; therewith setting an example for others to follow.