Zahid Tractor wins First Place Award in “Best Saudi Company To Work For” in 2008

ZAHID TRACTOR President Values Royal Patronage of “Best Saudi Company to Work For” Awards Ceremony

“Upholding the Group’s Shared Values Was Key to Winning this Prestigious Award”

Jeddah – May 2009 – Waleed Y. Zahid, President of Zahid Tractor expressed his appreciation and thanks to HRH Prince Faisal bin Salman, Chairman of Saudi Research and Marketing Group, for his patronage of the gala ceremony honoring Saudi Arabia’s Best Company to Work For, an initiative launched by Al Eqtisadiah, a highly respected and premier business daily newspaper.

The President of Zahid Tractor praised and valued the efforts of HRH Prince Faisal in recognizing the role of the private sector in the development of the national economy and the Saudi workforce.  He further commented, “Winning the prestigious First Place Award for “Best Saudi Company to Work For” is a great mark of recognition by Zahid’s employees and a wonderful testimony that the Company provided them with a happy, healthy and safe environment that promotes greater productivity. The employees are encouraged to embrace the Shared Values, which consist of integrity, professionalism, understanding, respect, confidence, honor and excellence, and to abide by the Zahid strong Code of Ethics. They are treated with fairness and equitability and are encouraged to be innovative, creative and to hold divergent views.”

In a gala ceremony held in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Amr M Khashoggi, Vice President Corporate Affairs of Zahid Group received on behalf of the Company the First Place Award in the “Best Saudi Company to Work For” in the overall list as well as in the Large Companies category from HRH Prince Faisal bin Salman, following a strong competition among more than 80 of the Kingdom’s most prominent business enterprises.

Khashoggi stated, after receiving the coveted prize, “Zahid Group strives to achieve harmony between serving our customers with excellence, caring for our employees with compassion, and preserving our shared values and ethics with dedication. Supporting the various departments of the Group with state-of-the-art technology and systems increased quality levels and application of ISO standards in our work processes. Our dedicated Quality Control Department strictly monitors any possible deficiencies for any work related issues and addresses them with speedy efficiency.”  Khashoggi highlighted that the Award crowns the success and distinction achieved by Zahid Tractor year after year thanks to the Group’s clear mission and vision.”

He further elaborated, “An ideal business environment is not about the physical facility of a factory, an office or a retail store. It requires stringent and modern management techniques as well as policies, regulations and procedures, all of which are essential tools to set the expectations of management, employees and customers. Any work place that enjoys happy and efficient employees would improve its competitiveness domestically and internationally, and sets itself apart from other players in its field.”

The gala event also featured the participation of two Zahid Tractor employees Eng. Abdulmoniem S. Al-Ghamdi, Fluids Analysis Laboratory Manager, and Omar A. Gari, Training Center Manager. These two young Saudi executives shared with the audience their successful work experience at Zahid Tractor since their early days as trainees, and how quickly they scaled the corporate ladder till they reached their current key management positions.  Zahid Group is committed to the nationalization of jobs and the empowerment of both male and female employees to fulfill their developmental role in their respective communities.

Both gentlemen expressed their appreciation and gratitude to HRH for his patronage, a key incentive for the Saudi working youth and a clear indication that their efforts, commitment, and work ethics have resulted in the acquisition of knowledge and in raising their productivity and contribution to the development of the local economy.

Zahid Group provides comprehensive customer centric solutions to the construction, mining, oil and gas, agricultural, power generation, material handling, building material and transport industries; as well as being active participants in electricity generation, water desalination, financial services, car rental, logistics, real estate development and travel tourism.

It consistently pursues excellence and prides itself in attracting a pool of exceptionally talented Saudis of both genders and those with special needs, as well as committed professionals from across the Globe. Zahid’s Kingdom-wide workforce reached 3,000 employees of which 45% are Saudi nationals holding technical, administrative and leadership positions.

Zahid Tractor adheres to the highest standards in Human Resources development and in providing a pioneering model of an innovative work environment which reinforces the importance and value of human capital as the driving force in achieving its objectives and aspirations in serving its customers with excellence.